The Colour Wheel (Wheel of Colour)

As an art student I was continually told to relate and use the Colour Wheel, a wheel which controls the entire art world and everything in it. Break this rule and your piece is redundant, useless and your teacher will inform of this via either shouting or simply replacing the canvas or page you were working on.

To the point I have noticed more recently over the course of my art endeavors how the colour  wheel is slipping into the realms of being as a useful as a Nokia mobile. Not being used at all. More people are deliberately misusing the wheel to contrast different shades of colours rather than colour opposites, having a unusual effect of making people look harder.

Personally I am a fan of this, as there are a infinite number of colours on this planet, and refining them into twelve basic (and effectively incorrect) shades reduced the breadth of colour in art, and especially contemporary art. 

Finally artists are breaking the circular bonds of the colour wheel, and using the abyss which is colour in art, generating rewards for artists, viewers, and general public who wander the streets everyday.

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