Progress of the highest order…

Recently we have increased the action upon our gallery, really trying to kick start and successfully use the infrastructure in place to generate a selection of wonderful pieces, and business. Over the past few days we have made large progress, and there are a number of artists who will hopefully be gracing our site soon, with pieces which not only astounded us on both skill and impact levels. There is a huge range of work, which personally we embrace as we try to diversify our site into a wider audience of the ever increased art world. 

Here are just a few of the pieces of work we hope to be lighting up our site in the coming weeks:

Keng Lye-2

…… and


as well as some photography ….

Photograph Untitled by Katerina Plotnikova on 500px

Thank you for reading, and we would very much appreciate if you could check out our gallery at:

Avant-Garde Gallery

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Thank you for reading, 

Charlie and Archie