Kaws: Storming NYC’s Art Scene

This weekend KAWS is debuting his eye catching sculptures at two prestigious and well known art galleries in New York. His work will be displayed in the Mary Boone Gallery, a gallery founded in in 1977 on the famous Soho address 420 West Broadway, the gallery was opened to display the work of young innovative artists, KAWS doesn’t fit the description better. The other gallery will be the influential Galerie Perrotin New York, one of the leading contemporary art galleries in New York.

In the exhibition KAWS will be showing a number of his trademark pieces, including Along The Way and At This Time. Both these pieces sum up KAWS perfectly, the balance of interest and skill, as well as the enjoyment and slightly light hearted side of the pieces. Personally Ialso love the wooden craftsmanship that has gone into the pieces.

proportional_620_image Along The Way     proportional_620_image At This Time

Thank you for reading, for more posts please follow and check out the gallery for some sculpture.

Thanks, Archie


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