3D Printing: The Future of Contemporary Art

3D Printing: The Future of Contemporary Art

The link really does say it all, and may I just say for any art lovers, especially those who what the forefront of news I would highly recommend Artlog, with interested information, as-well as well balanced tweets keeps any news enthusiast as myself hooked.

What is the future of art, maybe one of the reasons I have such a belief and love for contemporary art is the fact that it is so malleable, creative and widespread. The fact that this new technology, which will dominate not only the ,manufacturing, but also consumer and social scene in the future years to come has already been linked with the contemporary scene shows what diversity and life it can bring to modern art as general.

Despite the almost unreal and unlimited prospects 3D printing will bring to the ever developing modern society, I am still skeptical of the loss of craftsmanship and skill which goes into art, and especially sculpture which could be brought about due to this new technology. 

I would be very grateful for you to comment upon this post with your views of what you believe technology will bring to the art scene in the future, as I believe it is a incredibly diverse and interesting debate to be part of.

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