Ten Types of Photographer

1) The Business Photographer
For this type of person, photography is a means to earn a living and they are very effective and efficient. This is not just reflected in their images but also the competent and organised way in which they run their business. Constantly thinking of new ideas and services to offer, as well as ways to promote their work, the Business Photographer is sharp, focused and works incredibly hard.
2) The Technician
This photographer loves the nitty-gritty; they don’t just want to create the perfect picture, they have 
 a driving need to know how to reproduce it at will. The Technician is intimately aware what every function on their camera can deliver and practices incessantly with lighting, both natural and studio, in order to make sure they have a thorough understanding of photograph composition.
3) The Social Photographer
Although taking photographs might be a passion of theirs, what this type of individual enjoys even more is hopping onto online internet forums and joining in a discussion.
Social photography at work:
 The Social Photographer likes to feel involved, and thrives on being an active and integral part of a wider photographic circle. You will probably also spot them on social media as well as at meet-ups and photographic clubs.
4) The Studious Photographer
For the Studious Photographer, it’s all about the minute detail and if you take a squint at their bookshelves you’re likely to see a wide number of tomes. Everything from the history of photography to manuals on technical content, or even collections of artwork, this happy snapper revels in discovering how the craft was created and being submerged in the subject.
5) The Artistic Photographer
A deep thinker, the Artistic Photographer never fails to stop and consider exactly what it is that their image is portraying. You can be certain that every snap is designed to convey a meaningful message. Photographs are taken in order to connect to a feeling and the audience is intended to have an emotional response to the picture.
6) The Stealth Photographer
Have you ever been looking through photographs of an occasion and seen a picture you didn’t remember posing for? This will be the Stealth Photographer at work. These type of snap-happy individuals love to take photos when no-one is watching and dislike traditional ‘posed’ pictures. The ability to get up close without subjects realizing and capture the moment when emotions are written all over their face, the Stealth Photographer has an uncanny knack.
7) The Samaritan Photographer
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the Samaritan Photographer certainly embraces this concept to broadcast their chosen cause. Passionate about what they believe in, these types of photographers use their camera as a means of changing the world and making a difference. The power of a picture is something not to be underestimated in the eyes of these individuals.
8) The Document Photographer
Whilst memories are made in the mind, a well-placed photograph or two certainly help to preserve events, at least according to the kind of person. The Document Photographer likes to ensure there is a record of every occasion, and will be the individual taking pictures at family gatherings or events, to make sure it is formally recorded. Years of memories will be held by this individual and even in the age of digital media, the chances are they will have the photos printed out and held in an album for all to enjoy. 
9) The Experimental Photographer
Not one for safe landscape panoramas or snugly family photos, the Experimental Photographer likes to get out there and explore different subjects, angles and aspects. Looking for an unusual and unique outcome, this type of snapper likes to think outside the box and has the ability to visualize the final picture when it’s not immediately obvious to others in the same vicinity. 
10) The Everyday Photographer 
We all know someone like this; the person that takes photos constantly of the most mundane moments in life whether it’s their lunch, the traffic on the way to work or their progressively drunken friends on a night out. Different from the Document Photographer, they’re not just interested in the formal occasions and certainly wouldn’t hold any albums, the Everyday Photographer likes to share all their experiences from the trivial to the magnificent, usually via social media.
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