A few tips for a good photo

1. Take photos

This might sound stupid, but I know many a photographer who wants that perfect shot, but instead of continuously taking photos they will just look at things. The more photos you take, the greater the chance that there is going to be of capturing that perfect shot.

2. Lighting

The number of photos see, browse and receive that are ruined by light is almost un-counter able. When taking a photo never have the light source directly in the center, if possible try and have the light source either to sides of the photo, or simply not in it. If you are able to utilize the light source in a photo, every capture that is taken by you will be enhanced greatly.

3. The rule of three

This is a fairly common rule within artists, but personally I feel it is not used and followed enough. In art it is important not to follow rules to much, but when taking a photo I believe that the rule of three can be exceptionally useful. If you are not aware of this rule I would suggest reading this link.

4. Learn from others

Most are progress’s from the study of others, ideas, innovation and creation all arise from what other people have to say, paint, describe and show. Simply study the photographer that you like, see what aspects you like about it and try to replicate this with your photos.

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