The Power of Social Networks

Social networks have changed the face of internet business and marketing forever. It used to be that to advertise your business or product you used a billboard or newspaper, both these ideas are positively medieval. A bright new entrepreneur simply wouldn’t decide to create traffic to his online shop selling his new contraption, based around the idea of a sliding chair by printing a huge and expense poster next to the M4, no he would market it online.

Of course there are many ways to do this, here are just a few:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr

The list is almost endless….

All of these online social hubs are both brilliant and deceptively challenging to the young entrepreneurs that dominate the modern age, they provide publicity, but not all of it is good. For example a page with 10,000 plus likes is what is known as a honey-pot, I will like it as another 10,000 people have because then I fit in.

The downside of a Facebook pages goes like this, a new company creating designer chairs sets up a Facebook page, it has 11 likes. I stumble upon this through the winds and turns of every social site. I look at it, and personally I have a great interest in design. This page is offering daily designer advice, do I like? No, as it only has 11 likes, I feel stupid and embarrassed if my friends notice on there wall that I have like this page, therefore I leave.

The point is that to be successful on Facebook takes a lot of hard work, dedication and money. Realistically the only way to get an interactive audience (which is what you want) is to spend money on Facebook adverts or wait. My only advice is to keep plugging away to any Facebook page runners, a daily contribution which will engage the audience is the best way to progress further.

So, before you setup that Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr account, just remember that the brilliance and economic uplift it can bring doesn’t come free, and may well take its time.

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