Is there a forecast for art?


Throughout a week, every day everything is predicted, we have a weather forecast for the next day in today’s paper, a schedule for work the next day. It is not only restricted to the world of work, predicted grades, timetable and lunch times also dominate a normal student’s life. Our life is set on presets, the radio for example I for one never have randomly pressed the seek button on the car radio and listened to 40 minutes of unknown radio, I simply can’t.

 There are very few commodities in life which we are not prepared for, which we can’t predict or forecast for. One of these commodities is art, no one ever predicts art, says when a new piece will be produced, shown. No one foresaw Hirst’s mental cow decapitation, but it was loved.

Personally this is why I think art never gets dull, everyone stays interested in art as you can’t predict it, no one has any idea what will next appear on the wall of the Tate or Saatchi Galleries. What phase of art will come next, what will the next generation want to see, feel, experience. The power that makes people interested in things is hidden, it keeps people hanging on, of course it’s mystery. It’s the mystery of what comes next.

The future of art is unpredictable, it’s not like a weather forecast or an economy tracker, this makes art never ending, people will always devote sometime to discovering the unknown, this is what drives art, and why it will flourish for many more decades.

So, Is there a forecast for art?


Thank you, Charlie



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