Matt Cipollone.. Welcome

MC Welcome

On Wednesday night elation filled me and my friend as an artist, which we both thoroughly like agreed to join the site, his name was Matt. Matt is our fifth edition to the site, a number which when we came up with the idea for a gallery late one night after a few beers thought was impossible. Every business’s, start-up’s more than other business’s have milestones. these milestones differ in size and exceptional, when we started to attempt the gallery seriously our first aim was five artists. I have never had the feeling before of setting a target, and achieving it, it feels great.

Now about Matt, Matt is our second our artist from the states, he is based in Baltimore, Maryland. His photo’s our inspired by his unique view of the landscape along with the diversity of what lives off it. His passion for prints and his artwork is very clear, not only from his attitude but also from his exceptional work.

All his prints are fantastic for me, but together as a full portfolio they are even better, his diversity of different views on the world is brilliant, along with a unique skill with a camera creates pictures that very few can bring to us.

To find out more about Matt, or check him out in our gallery.

Thank You, Charlie.


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