Airships of Doom

This is some incredible Photoshop skill, complete admiration.

I don’t just love this piece due to its ability to transform a tourist laden ship into a futuristic war scene in the middle of the sky. I love it due to the fact that it says no to all those pessimistic, those who think art can only been done via a brush, easel or pencil, those who turn their noses up to the “contemporary rubbish” that is growing so fast in this modern age.

This video is brilliant due to a combination of things, firstly the ability to use Photoshop eludes me and the  majority of people, but the ability to manipulate a program like that is simply outstanding. The way he controls the colours, background, proportions etc is incredible. Secondly when I watch the classy time-lapse combined with an solid soundtrack I can practically see Alex coming up with new ideas every other second, one ship, two ships, people, smoke etc. the fact that imagination has run this piece makes it a non cliché piece of work, it is not controlled by any art history or books, it’s controlled by Alex.

For me this piece is the perfect advert for the contemporary art, the combination of imagination along with a modern technical program is exactly how a envisage modern art and what I would love for the gallery.

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Thank you,

Archie and Charlie


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