The Growth of Photogarphy

ImageI have noticed over the last couple of years the increase of photographers, specifically artistic photographers. I remember a time when photographers were people who would go out looking for a photo, to a wedding or corporate event and sell it back to the intoxicated people who think it looks “amazing”.

Nowadays photography has become it’s own medium of art, instead of photos being on print paper in a letter sized envelope which sits on your shelf collecting dust, they are presented on canvas’s throughout people’s homes. This is for a number of different reasons: Firstly the market has changed, people now want a stylish and modern piece of art, something that will catch your eye, a conversation starter., photographer fits this gap perfectly, something that looks clean and elegant with ease. Secondly I personally believe that the economic downturn has increased the sales of photographic artwork. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a acrylic paints which need to be framed, instead you can buy a Cityscape on canvas for 30 quid, which produces just as much impact.

Personally I welcome this change, I have always been a great lover of photography, you can create some many different feelings, perspective and imagery in a single snap.

But what defines it for me is the diversity of the field, one picture is contemporary, the next will fit into the fine art section of my brain, and that’s what I love about photography.

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