The Colour Wheel (Wheel of Colour)

As an art student I was continually told to relate and use the Colour Wheel, a wheel which controls the entire art world and everything in it. Break this rule and your piece is redundant, useless and your teacher will inform of this via either shouting or simply replacing the canvas or page you were working on.

To the point I have noticed more recently over the course of my art endeavors how the colour  wheel is slipping into the realms of being as a useful as a Nokia mobile. Not being used at all. More people are deliberately misusing the wheel to contrast different shades of colours rather than colour opposites, having a unusual effect of making people look harder.

Personally I am a fan of this, as there are a infinite number of colours on this planet, and refining them into twelve basic (and effectively incorrect) shades reduced the breadth of colour in art, and especially contemporary art. 

Finally artists are breaking the circular bonds of the colour wheel, and using the abyss which is colour in art, generating rewards for artists, viewers, and general public who wander the streets everyday.

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Progress of the highest order…

Recently we have increased the action upon our gallery, really trying to kick start and successfully use the infrastructure in place to generate a selection of wonderful pieces, and business. Over the past few days we have made large progress, and there are a number of artists who will hopefully be gracing our site soon, with pieces which not only astounded us on both skill and impact levels. There is a huge range of work, which personally we embrace as we try to diversify our site into a wider audience of the ever increased art world. 

Here are just a few of the pieces of work we hope to be lighting up our site in the coming weeks:

Keng Lye-2

…… and


as well as some photography ….

Photograph Untitled by Katerina Plotnikova on 500px

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The Effiel Tower, or should I say Tyre

The Effiel Tower, or should I say Tyre

I got an email earlier today, upon which I stumbled over this brilliant piece of work. Firstly the simple crisp contrast developed with black on white, along with the unique style and method it has been produced I thought it was a must see. Personally I love it and am hoping that we will be able to do a week long special showcasing the “Eiffel Tyre”

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Kaws: Storming NYC’s Art Scene

This weekend KAWS is debuting his eye catching sculptures at two prestigious and well known art galleries in New York. His work will be displayed in the Mary Boone Gallery, a gallery founded in in 1977 on the famous Soho address 420 West Broadway, the gallery was opened to display the work of young innovative artists, KAWS doesn’t fit the description better. The other gallery will be the influential Galerie Perrotin New York, one of the leading contemporary art galleries in New York.

In the exhibition KAWS will be showing a number of his trademark pieces, including Along The Way and At This Time. Both these pieces sum up KAWS perfectly, the balance of interest and skill, as well as the enjoyment and slightly light hearted side of the pieces. Personally Ialso love the wooden craftsmanship that has gone into the pieces.

proportional_620_image Along The Way     proportional_620_image At This Time

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Artist of the Week: Alfie Downie

Along with the start of the new month I am going to begin a weekly post upon the best upcoming and hidden artists, there will be three upcoming artists of the week. For me the opportunity to present a young artist that I like is one I have always wanted, and now can do. Any artists or ideas you have we would love to hear them, please just comment. Along with this weekly upcoming artist I am also going to have an artist of the month, someone who is slightly more well known and famous, who I believe is really going to break onto the art scene. Any artists or ideas you have we would love to hear them, please just comment.

Week One, November: Alfie Downie

This week I present Alfie Downie, a hugely talented and more traditional artist. He is a university student studying architecture with an incredible skill for all forms of portraits, aswell as very detailed sketches. To check out his work simply hit up the link below:

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3D Printing: The Future of Contemporary Art

3D Printing: The Future of Contemporary Art

The link really does say it all, and may I just say for any art lovers, especially those who what the forefront of news I would highly recommend Artlog, with interested information, as-well as well balanced tweets keeps any news enthusiast as myself hooked.

What is the future of art, maybe one of the reasons I have such a belief and love for contemporary art is the fact that it is so malleable, creative and widespread. The fact that this new technology, which will dominate not only the ,manufacturing, but also consumer and social scene in the future years to come has already been linked with the contemporary scene shows what diversity and life it can bring to modern art as general.

Despite the almost unreal and unlimited prospects 3D printing will bring to the ever developing modern society, I am still skeptical of the loss of craftsmanship and skill which goes into art, and especially sculpture which could be brought about due to this new technology. 

I would be very grateful for you to comment upon this post with your views of what you believe technology will bring to the art scene in the future, as I believe it is a incredibly diverse and interesting debate to be part of.

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Ten Types of Photographer

1) The Business Photographer
For this type of person, photography is a means to earn a living and they are very effective and efficient. This is not just reflected in their images but also the competent and organised way in which they run their business. Constantly thinking of new ideas and services to offer, as well as ways to promote their work, the Business Photographer is sharp, focused and works incredibly hard.
2) The Technician
This photographer loves the nitty-gritty; they don’t just want to create the perfect picture, they have 
 a driving need to know how to reproduce it at will. The Technician is intimately aware what every function on their camera can deliver and practices incessantly with lighting, both natural and studio, in order to make sure they have a thorough understanding of photograph composition.
3) The Social Photographer
Although taking photographs might be a passion of theirs, what this type of individual enjoys even more is hopping onto online internet forums and joining in a discussion.
Social photography at work:
 The Social Photographer likes to feel involved, and thrives on being an active and integral part of a wider photographic circle. You will probably also spot them on social media as well as at meet-ups and photographic clubs.
4) The Studious Photographer
For the Studious Photographer, it’s all about the minute detail and if you take a squint at their bookshelves you’re likely to see a wide number of tomes. Everything from the history of photography to manuals on technical content, or even collections of artwork, this happy snapper revels in discovering how the craft was created and being submerged in the subject.
5) The Artistic Photographer
A deep thinker, the Artistic Photographer never fails to stop and consider exactly what it is that their image is portraying. You can be certain that every snap is designed to convey a meaningful message. Photographs are taken in order to connect to a feeling and the audience is intended to have an emotional response to the picture.
6) The Stealth Photographer
Have you ever been looking through photographs of an occasion and seen a picture you didn’t remember posing for? This will be the Stealth Photographer at work. These type of snap-happy individuals love to take photos when no-one is watching and dislike traditional ‘posed’ pictures. The ability to get up close without subjects realizing and capture the moment when emotions are written all over their face, the Stealth Photographer has an uncanny knack.
7) The Samaritan Photographer
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the Samaritan Photographer certainly embraces this concept to broadcast their chosen cause. Passionate about what they believe in, these types of photographers use their camera as a means of changing the world and making a difference. The power of a picture is something not to be underestimated in the eyes of these individuals.
8) The Document Photographer
Whilst memories are made in the mind, a well-placed photograph or two certainly help to preserve events, at least according to the kind of person. The Document Photographer likes to ensure there is a record of every occasion, and will be the individual taking pictures at family gatherings or events, to make sure it is formally recorded. Years of memories will be held by this individual and even in the age of digital media, the chances are they will have the photos printed out and held in an album for all to enjoy. 
9) The Experimental Photographer
Not one for safe landscape panoramas or snugly family photos, the Experimental Photographer likes to get out there and explore different subjects, angles and aspects. Looking for an unusual and unique outcome, this type of snapper likes to think outside the box and has the ability to visualize the final picture when it’s not immediately obvious to others in the same vicinity. 
10) The Everyday Photographer 
We all know someone like this; the person that takes photos constantly of the most mundane moments in life whether it’s their lunch, the traffic on the way to work or their progressively drunken friends on a night out. Different from the Document Photographer, they’re not just interested in the formal occasions and certainly wouldn’t hold any albums, the Everyday Photographer likes to share all their experiences from the trivial to the magnificent, usually via social media.
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A few tips for a good photo

1. Take photos

This might sound stupid, but I know many a photographer who wants that perfect shot, but instead of continuously taking photos they will just look at things. The more photos you take, the greater the chance that there is going to be of capturing that perfect shot.

2. Lighting

The number of photos see, browse and receive that are ruined by light is almost un-counter able. When taking a photo never have the light source directly in the center, if possible try and have the light source either to sides of the photo, or simply not in it. If you are able to utilize the light source in a photo, every capture that is taken by you will be enhanced greatly.

3. The rule of three

This is a fairly common rule within artists, but personally I feel it is not used and followed enough. In art it is important not to follow rules to much, but when taking a photo I believe that the rule of three can be exceptionally useful. If you are not aware of this rule I would suggest reading this link.

4. Learn from others

Most are progress’s from the study of others, ideas, innovation and creation all arise from what other people have to say, paint, describe and show. Simply study the photographer that you like, see what aspects you like about it and try to replicate this with your photos.

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The Power of Social Networks

Social networks have changed the face of internet business and marketing forever. It used to be that to advertise your business or product you used a billboard or newspaper, both these ideas are positively medieval. A bright new entrepreneur simply wouldn’t decide to create traffic to his online shop selling his new contraption, based around the idea of a sliding chair by printing a huge and expense poster next to the M4, no he would market it online.

Of course there are many ways to do this, here are just a few:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr

The list is almost endless….

All of these online social hubs are both brilliant and deceptively challenging to the young entrepreneurs that dominate the modern age, they provide publicity, but not all of it is good. For example a page with 10,000 plus likes is what is known as a honey-pot, I will like it as another 10,000 people have because then I fit in.

The downside of a Facebook pages goes like this, a new company creating designer chairs sets up a Facebook page, it has 11 likes. I stumble upon this through the winds and turns of every social site. I look at it, and personally I have a great interest in design. This page is offering daily designer advice, do I like? No, as it only has 11 likes, I feel stupid and embarrassed if my friends notice on there wall that I have like this page, therefore I leave.

The point is that to be successful on Facebook takes a lot of hard work, dedication and money. Realistically the only way to get an interactive audience (which is what you want) is to spend money on Facebook adverts or wait. My only advice is to keep plugging away to any Facebook page runners, a daily contribution which will engage the audience is the best way to progress further.

So, before you setup that Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr account, just remember that the brilliance and economic uplift it can bring doesn’t come free, and may well take its time.

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